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Ontology deals with questions about what things exist or can be said to exist, and how such entities can be grouped according to similarities and differences. Some philosophers, of the Platonic school , say that all nouns including abstract nouns refer to actual entities. Other philosophers contend that nouns do not always name entities.

They think some are a kind of shorthand for a collection of either objects or events. In this view, mind , instead of referring to an entity, refers to a collection of mental events experienced by a person. Society refers to a collection of persons with some shared characteristics, and geometry refers to a collection of a specific kind of intellectual activity. Between these poles, called realism and nominalism , are other positions.

Any ontology must give an account of which words refer to entities, which do not, why, and what categories result. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Ontology made Easy | Logical Analysis and History of Philosophy

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Extra Content. From the Author In the decades following Quine, debates about existence have taken center stage in the metaphysics. The historical back story2.

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The rise of neo-Quineanism3. The easy approach to ontology: a preliminary sketch4.

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  5. The plan of this bookPart 1: Developing Easy Ontology1. Whatever Happened to Carnapian Deflationism? Carnap's approach to existence questions2. Quine and the ascendency of ontology3. Putnam takes deflationism on an unfortunate turn4. Is Carnap committed to quantifier variance? The Unbearable Lightness of Existence1. A core rule of use for 'exists'2. What are application conditions? Do application conditions for 'K' include that Ks exist? Answering existence questions easily5. Against substantive criteria of existence6. Lines of reply3.

    Easy Ontology and its Consequences1. Using trivial inferences to answer existence questions2. Three forms of easy ontology3. First result: simple realism4.

    Ontology - What is the nature of reality?

    Second result: Meta-ontological deflationism4. Other ways of being Suspicious1. Denying that ontological disputes are genuine disputes2.

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    Denying that we can know the answers3. Denying that there are answers to know4. Understanding hard ontology5. Fictionalism versus Deflationism1. Motives for fictionalism2. The fictionalist's case against easy arguments3. A problem for the fictionalist's analogy4. How the fictionalist incurs a debt5.

    Ontologies: Scientific Data Sharing Made Easy

    A reply for the fictionalist6. The deflationary alternative7. Unwanted ontological commitments? Why easy arguments require no magic3. Do we get the objects we wanted? Why easy ontology needs conceptual truths2.